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Birth Control and Contraceptives in Chattanooga, TN

Let Caring Choice Women's Center in Chattanooga and East Ridge, TN, help you find a birth control option that fits your lifestyle.
For women who are not ready to become pregnant, or are looking to use birth control's hormonal side effects to better control things like acne and menstrual bleeding, Caring Choice Women's Center is here to help.

Birth Control Options

There's an option to fit every lifestyle. IUDs and implants offer long-term, low-maintenance birth control options that are highly effective, while oral contraceptives offer more flexibility. Ask your provider at Caring Choice Women's Center which method is best for you.
Contraceptive Pills — Caring Choice in Chattanooga, TN



Other Birth Control Options

Hormonal Implants (Nexplanon)
Depo Injections (Depo-Provera)
Oral Contraceptives

On-site Consultations

Depending on your health, lifestyle and goals, your provider will guide you towards options that best fit your needs and is most convenient for you. We'll discuss benefits, weigh risks, and can provide most methods of birth control to you same-day, in our office.
Call Caring Choice Women's Center today at (423) 266-6116 to schedule your appointment for effective birth control.