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Pregnancy Care and Monitoring in Chattanooga, TN

Caring Choice Women's Center has provided complete OBGYN care for women near Chattanooga and East Ridge for nearly two decades. We guide you and help care for every stage of your pregnancy, and are equipped for early and late pregnancies.
Whether it's your 1st or your 5th pregnancy, you will always get the same attentive, personalized care. Let Caring Choice Women's Center care for you and your family!

Healthy, Happy Babies

Our technicians start with a complete lab workup, running tests that help us catch health issues or deficiencies that can affect your health and the health of the baby. Vitamin deficiencies or anemia can affect the growth and development of your baby – let Caring Choice Women's Center prescribes a supplement to give your body the nutrients it needs for healthy growth.
After your initial visit, we perform regular bloodwork throughout your pregnancy to make sure everything is still on track.

As your baby grows, we can provide 3D and 4D ultrasounds at a small fee to give you a picture of your baby starting between 26 and 34 weeks. We can also provide scans for the gender of the baby at a low cost.
Genetic screening and BRCA testing is also available.
Tiny Foot of Newborn Baby — Caring Choice in Chattanooga, TN

Caring For Your Health

Your comfort and health is paramount for the development of your child. If you are experiencing nausea or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us assist.
Caring Choice Women's Center offers several different forms of medications and treatments for nausea, whether it arrives in the first trimester or the last.
We have a 24-hour pregnancy emergency answering service. If you are experiencing problems or have reason for concern, call us at (423) 266-6116 and let us help.
Call today to request an appointment with our office!